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Growing up in Oregon, you could always find me in the garden. Hands in the dirt, usually barefoot, and always trying to give spaces a new life. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a family who also enjoyed being outdoors and appreciated plants, so you can imagine that my childhood memories play a major role in my love for gardening today. I am extremely nostalgic, I love to add sentimental pieces to my work, and am a sucker for the details. When I realized that I could not quiet the voice inside me to return back to my roots, I took on floral design full time and haven't looked back.  Species, seasonality, habit, vase life, behavior, and so many more elements come into play when working with live materials. My background in horticulture allows me to create designs that will be preforming their best for your special day.

Now, my husband and I tend a 2-acre hillside cut flower garden where we grow only the best for our designs. We believe in using sustainable practices to grow, maintain, and adapt our ever-changing space. Though the landscape has changed from my childhood, you can still find me in the garden. It is still the best place to think and enjoy our hard work at the end of a long day. 

I take every chance I get to create and experiment with new design ideas. It is hard to believe that this is how I get to spend my days; learning about plants, working with beautiful materials, and sharing my experiences with amazing individuals. 

Oregon Floral Designer

Things I Love 

01.Favorite Flower


02. Favorite Season

Spring! Also, peony season so...

03. Something I can never have enough of 

Vases... the collection is taking over and I'm not mad about it

04. Something that always gets me

A good DIY project, don't tempt me with the unrealistic 3x speed videos

05. The best part of an event

Dreaming up plans with a client is so rewarding and I am so thankful to work with such incredible people!

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